Kiosk resim

Kiosk One

Capacitive screen in the sensitivity of smart phone, prestigious stainless steel structure and modular apparatus.

Tablet resim

Windows / Android Commercial Tablets

Designed for 24/7 use, industrial network power-powered PoE Windows / Android tablets.

Meeting Room resim

addsign Meeting Room

New generation Web-based meeting, conference room / class manager. Led status lighted Android display support ...

İnteraktif Otel resim

Interactive Hotel System

Improve comfort and increase loyalty with interactive touch-screen products, Web-based management systems.

Fan hologram resim

Led Fan Hologram Projector

3D Led Holographic Screens! Promotional devices that provide dynamic motion with rotational effect.

Bilim Merkezi resim

Science Center Exhibition Products

Innovative products for Science Centers, impressive and informative digital content and services …

Sadakat Sistemi resim

Customer Loyalty System / Loyalty

Provide Excellent customer experience with Points Loyalty System and touch digital kiosks ...

Dijital Sergi resim

addsign Digital Exhibition System

Plan and manage your exhibitions quickly and easily... Complete your exhibition in just a few steps.

Web resim

addsign Web System

Be fit in the web, be visible on the web. With Responsive and SEO friendly system, we design your manage ...