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GalacticThings™, innovation-targeted design that provides services in the fields of  new generation digital presentation technologies, touch screen, kiosk production and design, hologram, software, IoT and 3D content development  is an intensive technology company. As a GalacticThings™, we are following the fast and innovative developments in the world closely and we offer special products and services to our customers with our knowledge gained so far.

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Mall, Transportation, Hotel, Education, Health, Fair, Retail and Public

Kiosk ONE is always on your service!

Smart phone sensitivity, 10-finger capacitive screen, prestige stainless steel structure, fanless and innovative design and quality modular apparatus provides optimum efficiency in your projects.

addsign Meeting Room
addsign™ MeetingRoom
New Generation Meeting Room / Classroom Management

Manage your physical rooms digitally

It allows you to digitally manage systems, rooms, classrooms, and halls that make management and planning easier between your digital salon calendar and your physical space. You can program the addsign via the Meeting Room calendar feature. You can digitally announce your events to your guests.


We are designing useful products
that will add prestige to your business

We develop innovative products by bringing together our expertise in design and technology with meaningful data from research and analysis. We also produce beautiful and inspiring results in the form of design and working prototypes.

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Bilim Merkezi Mars
Interactive and educational
Scientific exhibitions

Science Center Products

At GalacticThings™, we develop innovative products, impressive and informative digital content and services for Science Centers.

Commercial Windows / Android Tablets and Modular Apparatus

Glorystar Touchscreen Tablets

Kiosk Display, Retail Touch Screen, Machine Control Screen, Medical Device Screen, Retail POS, Smart Home Automation etc. Capacitive screen solutions that you can use in your projects ... Leading Android Kiosk manufacturer Glorystar products offering industry-oriented touch solutions will provide prestige and flexibility to your projects with modular apparatuses.

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Ultron Nebula
3D Led Fan hologram projeksiyon

Say hello to the new generation 3D Holographic displays!

Meet the most innovative product fan hologram. Impress everyone who follows with 3D rotational effect and dynamic motion. Let's create your 3D animation logo and promotional content and publish it with holographic effect. With the innovative fan hologram, you can enjoy offering your brand and products to your customers with a new visual technology.